Monday, April 18, 2011

One last little thing about Sir George Lambert, CB, KB: Andrew Carnegie may have hosted him

I looked online at all the free sources I could reasonably check without devoting my life to the pursuit of easy-to-get information about Sir George T. Lambert.

He was a bachelor who ended his days at 7 Park Place, St James's. The current building, now a top-end boutique hotel, restaurant and gentleman's club, at No. 7 and 8 Park Place, was built in 1891-92. It was planned to have 44 "sets of residential chambers, with their attendant service rooms." (From British History Online) Well, all right then.

It's beautiful in the pictures from the current website of the St James's Hotel and Club.

Let's assume this was a pretty posh set of rooms.

There have been several Sir George Lamberts, and without digging deeper, I can't be positive who's who.

The name (with the Sir) appears as a Member of Parliament, an Admiral, and a governor or high official in Australia and in India. Without the Sir: also as a criminal and an ordinary guy.

The George of interest to me was a devoted Catholic, wrote papers about matters such as whether teachers' education was sufficient, was the Director of Estates and Finances for Greenwich Hospital (1885 - 1901), and a Governor of Christ's Hospital.

He may have visited the United States in 1911 (one George T. Lambert travelled first class on the Campania to New York, arriving June 14, 1911). Earlier, in 1908, Andrew Carnegie extended hospitality to a Sir George Lambert. The same? I shrug in the Gallic manner.

[Andrew Carnegie to Samuel Harden Church, November 18, 1908]

This letter comes from the Carnegie Mellon University: Andrew Carnegie Online Archives.

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