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Lambert of Carnagh: George Thomas Lambert was from the landed gentry of Ireland

In 1871, the principal occupant and head of household at No. 3, Charles Street, Berkeley Square, London, was George T. Lambert.

Later Sir George, this particular Lambert was the younger son of an Irish landowner.

In 1851, George and Henry Lambert, brothers only a year apart, were at the College of St. Gregory [earlier I had erroneously written here "St. George's School"] in Downside, in the Parish of Midsomer Norton, in Somerset.

I have pasted some images of documents below, but they're blurry, I'm afraid. So, don't strain your eyes trying to read the details. I'll tell you what you need to know and give you links to the originals.

The page of the 1851 census return with them on it:

Reference: Class:HO107; Piece:1939; Folio:420; Page:2; GSU roll:221098

From this 1847 directory, we can see how Henry and George-Thomas Lambert ranked when it came to inheriting the family jewels. Henry, b. 1836 was the eldest son of Henry Lambert, Esq., of Carnagh, co. Wexford, b. 1786. George Thomas was born a year later, in 1837. By 1847, there were two boys and four girls. The directory doesn't give the girls' birthdates.

After the death of their father, George Thomas Lambert's brother Henry inherited the estate.

From the 1871 "genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry", we see Henry-Patrick Lambert, Esq. (formerly known to us as Henry, b. 1836), installed at Carnagh. This book tells us a little about Henry-Patrick's siblings as well.

George-Thomas, b. 9 November 1837;
Mary-Jane, married to P.-J.  Lynch, Esq., of Rose Park, Co. Dublin;
Anne, married 1870 to Edwin-Windham, Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl, K.P.;
Catherine, died unmarried, 7 March 1857;

(left a bit out)

An intervening directory from 1858 tells us that George Thomas's mother was Catherine, youngest daughter of William Talbot, Esq., of Castle Talbot in the same county (Wexford) and sister of the late Countess of Shrewsbury. She and Henry Lambert were married 11 June 1835.

In 1858, the children listed are:

Henry, b. 2 December 1836;
George-Thomas, b. 9 November 1837;

The family motto is Deus providebit, which I believe means "God will provide".

Next, a look at Carnagh.

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