Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 Charles Street, Berkeley Square, in 1871

A new house, fresh blood and more stories. The first three households were reasonably different from each other. This one adds a new dimension: gasp, the man is in trade.

1871 census: 4 Charles Street. Source:
  • Class:  RG10; Piece:  102; Folio:  75; Page: 32; GSU roll:  838762.

  • Present at 4 Charles Street on census night in 1871

    George Drew, Head, Married, 62. Master Grocer employing 2 men and 2 boys. Born Wimbledon, Surrey.
    Mary A Drew, Wife, Married, 53. (No occupation given). Born Westminster, Middlesex.
    George W. Drew, Son, Unmarried, 20. (No occupation given). Born Westminster, Middlesex.
    Emma M. Drew, Daughter, Unmarried, 18.  (No occupation given). Born Westminster, Middlesex.
    Ellen R. Drew, Daughter, Unmarried, 16. Scholar. Born Westminster, Middlesex.
    Charles B. Drew, Son, Unmarried, 14. Scholar. Born Westminster, Middlesex.
    Jane Wadie, Sister, Widow, 57. Annuitant. Born Wimbledon, Surrey.
    Sarah Riddle, Servant, Unmarried, 19. General Servant. (Place of birth not shown).
    G.R.C. Harris (male), Lodger, Unmarried, 20. Undergraduate. Born St Anns, Trinidad.

    A picture of the house today, from Google Maps Street View.
    Link for those who can't see the picture.

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