Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoops! Forgot to give the Flea his Queen Victoria and Dracula numbers!

Back to our game of Six Degrees.

Henry Fleming -> Disraeli, Palmerston, Gladstone, others -> HM Queen Victoria

A Queen Victoria number of 2.
I suspect that is as high as he got.

Henry Fleming -> introduced the beauty, Virginia Pattle to the painter, George Frederic Watts at a party at Holland House -> Watts later married Ellen Terry, the actress -> Ellen Terry was Henry Irving's partner and leading lady, and of course would have known Bram Stoker, Irving's business manager and friend.

So far, a Dracula number of 3.

Henry Fleming -> spent many Sunday afternoons gossiping at the home of Thomas Carlyle, the writer -> Carlyle lived on Cheyne Walk, as did the Stokers, (though that doesn't prove they knew each other)

Possible Dracula number of 2.

I'd love to speculate about Henry Fleming and Oscar Wilde knowing each other, as they did have a few things in common, and Wilde was a friend of Stoker, but it would only be speculation.

The Stokers moved to London in the late 1870s, and Henry died in 1876, so it's not likely they crossed paths.

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