Monday, March 28, 2011

No. 3 Charles Street: Private Secretary to the Admiralty, and great genealogical sleuthing by me

It's one of those occasions when I feel so clever. Actually, instead of patting myself too hard on the back, I have to say that the Web makes research 1,000 times easier than it ever was. Wonderful!

OK, on with the show. Who lived on Charles Street, Berkeley Square, London, in the 1871 census? Who were these people.

At No. 3 in 1871 we have:

George T. Lambert, Lodger, Unmarried, 33 years old, Private Secretary to the Admiralty, born in Ireland
Clara Beetles (?), Head, Unmarried, 33, Landlady of Lodging House, born Bewerty, Huntingdonshire
Lucy A. Sharp, Servant, Unmarried, 21, Domestic Servant, born Vauxhall, Middlesex
Agusta Beetles (?), Sister, Unmarried, 25, Milliner, born Earsdon, Cambridgeshire.

  • Class:  RG10; Piece:  102; Folio:  75; Page: 32; GSU roll:  838762.

I'm going to start with George.

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