Thursday, June 24, 2010

John VERNELL #1 and Queen Victoria's timeline

John VERNELL #1 was born in 1866.

The Reign of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria had already been on the throne since 1837, 29 years, when John VERNELL #1 was born. She remained the Queen of England and Empire until her death in 1901. From John's birth until he was 35, this petite and famously prudish lady was the only queen he knew.

Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887, and the Diamond Jubilee in 1897, were big public events. John VERNELL was living in and around London then, and probably got as caught up in the excitement of these celebrations as everyone else.

For more information, see the BBC website: History: Historic Figures, "Victoria" (author and date not shown)

The post before this one was about John VERNELL #1 and his wife Mary Ann in the 1901 English census.

The VERNELL story starts with the Silk Manufacturers in Spitalfields.

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