Monday, June 21, 2010

Ancestors: The VERNELLs were silk manufacturers in Spitalfields in the early 1800s

One of the more distant branches of my family was named VERNELL.  This is a family that has intrigued me (as most of them do) for a couple of reasons.

One of them, possibly one of the several John VERNELLs, was killed by lightning on his own front door.

One family, headed by another John VERNELL, were silk manufacturers in Spitalfields in the early 1800s.  They later retired to Thames Ditton.  I just found out their house was purchased by one of England's notable car manufacturers, A C Cars, makers of the Cobra.

The house was called High House, and now I know why I have never seen it when looking around Thames Ditton:  it was torn down.

Much more to come about the VERNELLs.  They're quite a fascinating clan.

Next: Sorting out the various John VERNELLs


  1. Hello Liz. Fascinating blog. The John Oswell Vernell who retired to Thames Ditton is my 5xgreat-grandfather. I've only recently made the connection, so your blog is quite helpful.

    If you google James Vernell and museum of London you'll find a blog about a dig carried out in his privy from circa 1820.

    Rick.Glanvill (at)

  2. Thanks so much, Rick. I can't wait to look into that Museum connection.

    All the best,



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