Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hint for doing family history online: leave a lot of clues around.

Sometimes looking up family history and doing genealogy research online seems to take a lot of time and get nowhere. Other times you find so much information you can barely handle it. But sometimes, when you are really lucky, you get amazing results.

The latest happened to me just this week, but it's because of something I posted online about four or five (?) years ago.

One of my ancestors was the landlord of a London pub. It's no longer a pub; it's been converted to flats.

I posted some notes about my family history related to that pub, on a website about the history of London pubs. Of course, I included my email address.

Lo and behold, from out of the blue comes an email bringing me news of a fairly close relative I never thought I would find. I won't put their full names here but Norman and Anne, I am so glad you took the time to get in touch. Now we can compare notes about our family from both sides of the Atlantic.

The lesson is, plant seeds and one day you may harvest the fruit.

Good luck with your own family history research.

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